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Recommendation Letter from Ron and Sandy Diamond.
Recommendation Letter from James D. Awad.

Brilliantly designed and built is this 10,000 square foot house with 6 bedrooms and 7 1/2 baths. This home has a traditional exterior with a mix of modern, rustic and industrial interior. With custom build kitchen, stair case, steel supporting cat walk, and 15' by 12' garage door which opens to the natural exterior ambiance, this home is now being considered the hybrid of the elite Hamptons homes.

Project Real Estate

It's hard to believe I've been in the house for a year. Although, I'm just as happy now as I was when I moved in.One moment before I express my thoughts about construction. You know that I love to entertain. Well, with over 500 people that we had at the house, including architects, realtors and other builders, I've only heard great comments about this farmhouse style house that you have built for me. You have definitely, "Wowed the crowd". Being a builder of commercial and residential construction in the city is my profession, it is more evident that the materials used and the construction quality was second to none.Your disposition on working to keep costs down and not compromising the overall quality is something I appreciate very much. I have given your name out to people that have asked if I know a good builder.

One last thought, I want to mention that at first I met my builder but through that I gained a great friend. Please thank the whole crew and give them my regards.

New Homeowner
Watermill, NY

My wife and I would like to take time out and thank you for the outstanding job that you did in building our home. We are so excited about the home we have purchased from JER Developers. We would first like to mention that this being our first home built for us, you have made the experience fun and educational. Your whole team was a pleasure to work with-we received straight forward answers to our questions with great suggestions which helped make our dream come true. It was a confidence builder when we had the building inspector, architect and our realtor walking thru during construction and mentioning ("Wow,this is a home built by a company with many years of experience"). Finally, until the next project please thank your team for that it has been a pleasurable experience and one of a life time.

New Homeowner
Southport, CT